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Autel MaxiSys Scanner Tools

Autel MaxiSys Scanner Tools Comparison

The Autel MaxiSys series scanner tools have superior performance and wider vehicle coverage, making them more suitable for work by auto mechanics and auto repair shops. They are the high-end product line of Autel scanner tools. Here we will explain the Autel MaxiSys scanner tools.

Autel MaxiSys scanner tools provide scanning diagnostic services for Asian, domestic, and European vehicles. All products except ms906 are compatible with Autel digital inspection cameras and Autel laboratory oscilloscopes.

Autel MaxiSys Scanner Tool Instructions

MaxiSys ms905: Discontinued!

MaxiSys ms906 series: ms906, ms906bt, ms906ts, ms906 pro

Autel MaxiSys ms906 communicates with OBDII vehicles through wired connection. Autel ms906bt adds Bluetooth VCI, ms906 pro scanner enhances hardware and software performance, and adds vehicle communication protocol DOIP/CANFD to better serve vehicles.

Note: MS906 series is only available in English.

MaxiSys ms908: ms908, ms908s, ms908p, ms908s pro, ms908s pro ii, ms908cv

Autel MaxiSys ms908 series tools go a step further than the ms906 series, with better hardware configuration and vehicle coverage, as well as more operability, and can support ECU Coding and ECU programming of BMW & Benz vehicles.

MaxiSys ms909: ms909, ms909cv, ms909ev, ms919

The Autel MaxiSys ms909 series tools are better than the ms908 series. Not only are the scanner hardware improved, but intelligent diagnosis and topology map system diagnosis are also added to the software services. All processes are clear at a glance, making it easier for mechanics to carry out their work. In addition, the MaxiSys ms909 series also has a two-year software update version to choose from, with no IP restrictions.

The MaxiSys ms919 scanner has the same hardware configuration as the MaxiSys ms909 scanner. The difference is that the communication VCI of the MaxiSys ms909 scanner is a five-in-one VCMI device, and the MaxiSys ms909 scanner uses J2534 VCI.

Top Scanners: MaxiSys Elite, MaxiSys Elite II Pro, MaxiSys Ultra, MaxiSys Ultra EV

MaxiSys Elite is equivalent to MS908P in configuration, MaxiSys Elite II Pro is equivalent to ms908s pro ii in configuration, and MaxiSys Ultra has a 12.9-inch large screen, 256GB large memory and 18000mAh battery capacity, including docking station and five-in-one VCMI , can perform intelligent diagnosis and topology map diagnosis services.

Autel Maxisys Ultra 2023 Top Intelligent Diagnostic Tool with MSOBD2KIT

Please note: Autel Ultra Lite S is not an Autel MaxiSys series scanner tool, but an Autel MaxiCOM series scanner tool, which is weaker than the Autel Ultra scanner in terms of hardware and functionality.

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