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 Autel MX-Sensor

Correct Understanding of Autel MX-Sensor

Autel MX sensors offer cutting-edge features and advanced technology that will revolutionize your TPMS repair shop experience. Here we will explain the role of Autel MX-Sensor and how to activate it.

Autel TPMS sensors easily activate, program and relearn all Autel MX sensors with 100% original sensor ID cloning, making tire pressure sensor replacement a breeze.

Universal Autel sensors come with two types of interchangeable valves (rubber/metal) and perform just like OE sensors. The MX-Sensor covers 98% of the world’s vehicles, making it a must-have tool for all TPMS repair shops.

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Autel Sensor FAQs

What types of vehicles can Autel sensors be used on?

Autel sensors are designed for use in passenger cars, pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles. Currently, MX-Sensors are not compatible with heavy-duty trucks.

What types of TPMS sensors can Autel sensors replace?

Autel MX-Sensors can replace direct wheel-mounted TPMS sensors, including original equipment (OE) and programmable universal sensors. Our MX sensors are programmed to replace 98% of the sensors on today’s vehicles.

Are Autel's TPMS tools compatible with all direct TPMS sensor frequencies? Does the MX-Sensor offer 433 MHz and 315 MHz frequencies?

All of Autel's TPMS tools can activate and read information for all current TPMS sensor frequencies: 315MHz, 433MHz and 434MHz TPMS sensors. If the sensor on the vehicle is marked 434 MHz, select the 433 MHz listed on the TPMS tool.

Autel's 1-Sensor can be programmed to replace a 433MHz, 434MHz or 315MHz sensor. Previous MX-Sensors were available in 315MHz or 433MHz frequencies.

What is activation? How to activate TPMS sensor?

Activating the sensor forces it to transmit tire pressure and temperature as well as sensor ID and battery status to the vehicle. Autel's TPMS tool activates sensors and displays tire and sensor information.

OEM sensors can be activated via:

1) Autel TPMS tool; or often with

2) Rapid tire inflation/deflation (5 PSI or 20 kPa in 10 seconds)

3) OEM sensors on 2003 and older vehicles may become activated when a magnet is placed on the sensor valve stem.

All Autel MX-Sensors support these activation methods.

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