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Car Diagnostic Tools Autel Scanner

DIY Enthusiasts Use Car Diagnostic Tools To Make Repairs Or Replacements

Whether it is a second-hand car or a new car, the use value of the car is gradually decreasing. In daily use, DIY enthusiasts and car mechanics should pay attention to keeping the car in good working condition and repair the car or replace parts in time.

Why do you need an OBD-II scanner?

There are a variety of scanners on the market with varying degrees of responsiveness, screen detail, and extra features like printer connectivity. If you're using it for private repairs, the model you choose will simply depend on personal preference and how many features you plan to use in it. Do some research on the products available and you'll quickly find the OB2 scanner that best suits your needs.

How do I use an OBD-II scanner?

The use of the car diagnostic scanner is very simple and convenient, find the car's OBD-II port, connect the scanner's main cable or Bluetooth VCI, the car is in the ignition switch, the scanner reads the car error code, and view its inspection results in real time.

OBD-II scanner’s automatic scanning and code reading and clearing functions

Autel OBD2 scanner flatbeds, most of which have an auto-scan feature, will be able to automatically identify a car's VIN number, run within seconds and display any specific error codes found. These codes include universal codes as well as vehicle manufacturer-specific codes.

Autel OBD2 scanner supports clearing error codes, but the prerequisite is to solve the cause of the error code. Otherwise, after clearing the error code, the car engine light will show up on the dashboard again after some time.

Repair and replacement

Car Repair and replacement

After the car diagnostic tool scanner identifies the error code, a professional mechanic is required to resolve the issue

Repair, this may be a car hardware problem or other external factors.

When the car hardware is repaired and replaced, the car ECU will not be able to recognize the new parts. At this time, the scanner tool needs to be re-matched for correct recognition.

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