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Transmission Valve Body Replacement Scan Tool Autel MK808BT Pro

Transmission Valve Body Replacement Scan Tool Autel MK808BT Pro

Which scanner tools have a "transport relearn" feature? If you plan to replace the valve body in your transmission, you'll need a scanner tool that can learn the new valve body.

A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting a Scan Tool for Automotive Valve Body Replacement

Automobile valve body replacement requires the scanner to support TCM adaptation, calibration or replacement to clarify related functions. In this type of scanner, we need to clarify the applicability of the scanner to the vehicle transmission system. .

"AT learning mode" generally refers to the adaptive learning process of the transmission control module (TCM), in which the TCM learns and adapts to the driver's driving style and the vehicle's operating conditions.

Executing AT (automatic transmission) learn mode helps optimize the transmission's shift pattern and overall performance. This is especially helpful after performing certain transmission-related maintenance tasks such as changing fluids, servicing, or replacing parts.

Valve Body Repair: Choosing the Right Scan Tool for the Job


MK808BT Pro Summary

Autel MK808BT Pro is one of the choices for your valve body replacement and learning requirements. It includes a dedicated "TCM/AT Learning Mode" feature specifically designed to adapt and learn a new valve body after replacement. This ensures optimal performance and shifting characteristics.

Autel MK808BT Pro is a user-friendly OBD2 scanner that even novices can learn quickly. It provides 37+ services and can handle the transmission tasks you are performing and provide diagnostics for transmission related tasks. This is a solid choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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