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Autel Tools Subscription

Why Do You Need To Renew Your Autel Tools Subscription?

Autel scanners are divided into handheld scanner code readers and flat panel diagnostic scanners according to model design. Usually, handheld scanners are updated free of charge for life, and flatbed scanners have one-year/two-year software updates, and renewal services are required upon expiration.

The Car Scanner Software Renewal Service is designed to keep your car scanner's software updated with new features and functionality to ensure you continue to have the latest and most comprehensive library of car diagnostics and trouble codes. At the same time, it can serve more vehicles and cover more vehicle brands.

Can I still use the scanner without renewing the software service?

Yes, you can still use the scanner to diagnose DTC faults and maintain vehicle functions. However, if the scanner is not up to date with the latest software, access to certain modules of the car may be lost.

How do I proceed with the software renewal service?

1) You can purchase Autel's software subscription online at Autel's website and agents.

How do we process your update service

2) You can purchase a software subscription from Autel directly on your tool.

3) You can purchase an Autel Total Care Plan TCP card online and enter the activation code from the card into the tool's renewal screen.

Autel TCP Card


Purchasing a TCP card is simple and convenient, and the Autel Total Care plan adds 12 months validity to your scanner software.

View Autel Software Update Service

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