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Autel Scanner Tool Registration

Answers To Questions About Autel Scanner Tool Registration

Purchase Autel scanner tools to enhance your car service. What’s the first thing you do after getting it? Check for damage and then register it!

Do I have to register the Autel scanner tool?

Yes, registration is for better use of the scanner tool. This allows you to update vehicle software, change language, upload logs to engineers, online functions, remote desktop and more.

How to register Autel ID?

Go to the Autel website and register an Autel ID using your email address:

How to find the device serial number and registration password?

Go to Product Registration, register your scanner, enter the serial number and registration password (both can be found on the tool's About page).

If you cannot turn on the scanner, please contact Autel support with the serial number (found on the back of the machine) and they will send you the registration password on the server.

How to register Autel tablet MK808BT Pro, MX900, Maxisy series?

Autel tablet registration is completed within the tablet. Press Register and follow system instructions.

How to register the Autel Autolink scanning tool?

No registration is required for these autel handheld scanners, including the AL319, AL419, AL439, AL439B, AL539, AL539B, AL519, TS401 and MS609.

Why was the registration unsuccessful? How to solve registration failure?

Common errors in unsuccessful registration:

The most common problem is that the registration code and password entered by the customer are incorrect. Many customers enter their login password when registering their ID. In fact, the registration code is a plain six-digit number on the machine's "About" page.

It is best to send us a screenshot of the registration page directly so that we can clearly see the information you entered, and then we will tell you the errors you entered.

Didn't receive the verification code when registering by email?

Please try to use Google Mail and check your spam. Mail will be synchronized in the mailbox settings.

Forgot your Autel ID password after registering?

We cannot query the Autel ID password for you, please contact Autel support to reset the password.

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