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My Scanner Cannot Test The Vehicle

What Should I Do If My Scanner Cannot Test The Vehicle?

Each Autel scanner has a certain vehicle coverage. When your vehicle is within the coverage of this scanner, but you cannot test this function, what should I do?

Situation 1: A certain function of the vehicle is not supported or communication fails.

When the scanner communicates normally with the vehicle but prompts that it is not supported or fails to communicate when entering a certain function, it is likely that the software is not supported or the operating program is wrong.

Solution: When this situation occurs, please upload the datalog directly to the server, and the R&D engineers will directly analyze the data to solve the problem.

Please note that uploaded data must indicate the model number, model year, VIN code and problem description. You'd better contact us after uploading the log. Please tell us the serial number, model and VIN code of the machine where the data record was uploaded, so that we can check the error resolution status as soon as possible.

Situation 2: All software of the scanner cannot be tested

After connecting to the scanner, all functions cannot pass the test.

Solution: Please check the physical connection directly, especially check whether the OBD2 test main line or VCI is normal.

At the same time, please confirm the coverage of the scanner. For example, it is an OBD2 scanner to check OBD2 vehicles, not for OBD1 vehicles or other heavy-duty vehicles.

Scenario 3: A certain vehicle software does not work

When you fail to pass the test after downloading a certain vehicle software, other vehicle software downloads normally.

Solution: Please check the connector of the vehicle, restart the scanner, and uninstall and reinstall the vehicle software.

Note: The high-end Autel scanner supports online guidance from remote experts. If you have any questions, please contact the online experts. You can also upload logs and contact us in time. We will contact Autel support as soon as possible to provide a solution.

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