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Autel Software Update

What Is Autel Software Update?

Software updates for Autel scanners refer to updating the operating system, diagnostics, vehicle libraries and other related components on the scanner to the latest version. These updates typically include improvements that fix known issues, add new features, improve performance and compatibility, and more.

Stay on top of the latest Autel software updates and increase the value of your investment with the Autel Total Care Plan (TCP). The Autel Total Care Plan is more than just an extended warranty plan. When you subscribe to Autel TCP, you'll reduce out-of-pocket equipment repair costs and store downtime. Additionally, you can take advantage of new features and capabilities introduced by Autel, including expanded coverage of the latest car makes and models.

Autel Software Update

Updating your tool coverage is quick and easy, and Autel Total Care plans will keep your tools running and give you unlimited access to the latest software and features year-round.

Please note that subscribing to software updates and performing software updates with the Autel scanner tool are not the same concept.

Autel scanner tool software update means downloading and updating the latest version of the Autel scanner software application. Typically, the Autel software application at this time is still within the subscription period.

Autel subscription software update means that the Autel scanner has ended the software subscription within the one-year update/two-year update trial period. At this time, you need to purchase the software update subscription service again.

Software updates can be downloaded from the Autel official website or updated online directly through the scanner’s WiFi function. Before proceeding with the software update, users need to ensure that their device is connected to a reliable network and follow the detailed update instructions provided by Autel.

Can I use Autel without updating?

Even if you choose not to update the software, your Autel diagnostic tablet will still work properly. Diagnostic and service functionality is still available on your tablet; no software has been removed.

How much does it cost to renew Autel?

Updating the Autel scanner tool subscription requires purchasing based on the corresponding scanner model. This is a virtual service and will not have a logistics status. If you purchased the wrong software subscription, it may still be refunded if it is not activated.

What do I do after I purchase a software subscription?

Select the software subscription of the correct scanner model to purchase. After successful purchase, send your scanner device serial number to the seller, who will contact Autel support to subscribe to the software and activate the device.

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