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Autel Tools for TPMS Relearning

What is TPMS Relearning? What are The Ways TPMS Relearning?

If you have recently replaced your tires, you will need to reprogram and recalibrate your tire sensors. We will focus here on the TPMS relearning process.

TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) relearning is the process by which the TPMS system needs to be reprogrammed and calibrated after changing or rotating vehicle tires. This is because each tire sensor has a unique identification number (ID) that is used to communicate with the vehicle's TPMS system and monitor the tire's tire pressure condition.

How does the Autel TPMS service tool perform TPMS sensor relearning?

Automatically relearn

Driving the vehicle requires relearning the new sensor ID, but the vehicle manufacturer may require additional reset steps before driving the vehicle. Autel's TPMS tool displays manufacturer-specific Relearn instructions for each TPMS-equipped vehicle. Auto Relearn is frequently used on Chrysler, Fiat, Volkswagen, Porsche, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles.

OBD relearning

OBD Relearn requires the use of a TPMS tool to write the sensor ID directly into the vehicle's ECU. This procedure is frequently used on Japanese and Korean-made vehicles as well as Chrysler, Fiat, Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles.

Stationary Relearn

The new sensor ID is relearned to the vehicle without the need to write the ID into the vehicle's ECU or without driving the vehicle. Stationary relearning should be performed while the vehicle is parked. This program is more commonly used on some Chinese and Japanese made cars such as General Motors, Ford, Nissan and others.

To access fixed relearn mode you need:

1) Enable Training or Relearn mode using the OBD function of the Autel TPMS tool (TS508 and TS608 support this function); and/or

2) Operate the necessary onboard keys as detailed in the relearn procedure instructions displayed on the Autel tool.

Next, activate all tire pressure sensors to complete static relearning. Generally, the starting sequence is clockwise, starting with the left front wheel and ending with the left rear wheel.

See Autel TS508 - TPMS Relearn Function

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