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Autel IM508S VS IM608S II

Autel IM508S VS IM608S II : 2024 Best Key Programming Tool

Are you looking for the best key programming tool OBD2 scanner in 2024? Autel IM508S and Autel IM608S II will be your ideal choice. These two scanners combine car diagnostics and key programming, so let’s compare them.

Autel key programming tool

Autel MaxiIM IM508S Key Fob Programming Tool with XP200 Programmer

autel im508s

Autel MaxiIM IM608S II Automotive All-In-One Key Programming Tool with Free OTOFIX Watch,

Autel IM508S VS IM608S II Comparison Chart

Product Autel IM508S Autel IM608S II
In/ Out of stock In stock In stock
Smart Mode (Guided and Automated Key LearningFunction)
Expert Mode (Advanced key Learning)
Auto Detect Make/Model/Year/System    
Read PIN/CS (All Keys Lost)    
Key Generation
Key Learning
IMMO ECU Reset/Adaption
IMMO ECU Refresh/Coding
Remote Learning
Backup /Restore IMMO Data
AUDI Q5/A4/A5 2015-2017 Read PIN/CS    
BMW FEM/BDC Key Learning and Adaption    
Mercedes Key Learning    
Benz 3rd Generation IMMO Add key, all key lost, keyLearning N/A
BMW FEM/BDC Key Learning and ECU adaptation
BMW CAS4/3/2 key learning CAS4 available when connected to XP400
VW /Audi MQB (VDO & JCI) add key, IMMO VA4/A5/Q5 2015+ Key learning N/A
VW /Audi /Skoda / Seat IMMO Ill /IV /V add key, all keyost
Key read /write
EEPROM Read/Write
MCU Read/Write Basic Advanced
ECU Read/Write When connected to XP400
Key Programming
MC9S12 Encryption Chip read/write When connected to XP400
IC Card Read/Write When connected to XP400
Mercedes Infrared Key Read/Write When connected to XP400
Remote Frequency Detect When connected to XP400
Support PC When connected to XP400
OE-Level Diaqnostics
All Systems for Over 80 Makes and Models N/A
AutoVIN /Auto scan
Read /Erase codes
View, record, playback live data
View Freeze Frame data
Shop and data Manager applications
MaxiFlash JVCI ECU Reprogrammer (Bluetooth /USBcable) N/A
OtoFlash 02534 ECU Reprogrammer)    
Advanced Service Functions
Oil Serive Reset
Parking Brake Pad Relearn After Replacement
Steering Angle Sensor Relearn
Battery Registration and Reset
Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor ID Relearn
ECU Coding N/A
VW/Audi Component Protection    
Complete Service Functions N/A
Tool Features
Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 5000 mAh 15000 mAh
Internet Updatable Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Multilingual Support
Limited One Year warranty
Touchscreen 7-inch 10.1-inch
Memory 64 GB 64 GB
Processor Cortex-A9 processor Qualcomm SDM660 Octa-core
Camera N/A Rear 16 megapixel
Resolution 1024x600 1920x1200
Note: XP400 Pro can be purchased separately.

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